Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lovesick Cowgirl

My spring break is almost ending! Sad sad day. Time flies when I am on the ranch... there is always something going on and something you need to be doing. Today, since I am always in dire need to get some pictures, I decided to do a photo shoot. My older sister, Allie, (the one who looks like a Kardasian) went to go shooting with my dad for target practice. Allie loves that kind of stuff...I swear she is like Angelina Jolie in all of her kick butt movies... but for real :). And my younger sister told me that she isn't in the mood for one of my photo shoots. So I did myself. I honestly am not self-obsessed or anything like that. I just love photos and photo shoots and fashion and pretty lighting and all that wonderfulness!

Quite frankly, lots of times I don't like getting my photo taken. I always don't like how they come out at the time... I can always find something to judge :/. I guess I am just a typical girl when it comes to that. I think all of us girls are way too hard on ourselves. We all need to embrace who we are and how we look because we can never be anyone else. We should just love what we have been given and be thankful for what we have and try to look at the things on our body we do like. Sorry for that little rant. I do need to remind myself to do that sometimes :).

So anyways, this photo shoot came about by me going into my moms closet and finding this fun Wildfox Lovesick Cowgirl fringe hoodie. I completely loved it and so of course I had to do a photo shoot with it :)! So I went up to this old weighing station (up our ranch road) that miners used to use way back when. Here are a few shots that I liked. Hope they inspire you to be creative with your clothes or your photo shoots! Have a nice night :)


  1. Your pictures are really beautiful, and I LOVE the pictures you posted that your mom took - such a good eye!

  2. Thank you so much! My mom does have a great eye!


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