Monday, April 23, 2012

Lake Romance

Good morning everyone!

Hope everyone's day is lovely. So I was assigned a project: to create one image using 5 or more images within it. It is a photo montage project. This is completely not my style... it was very challenging for me, but this is what I came up with :) guess how many images are within it??

There is 8 images within this one. Crazy right? You know what is crazy is how much manipulation one can do to a photo to make perfect. Like in advertisement where all of the girls look like barbies. Ya those "barbies" are not real. Because I could take a photo of a girl and turn her to a barbie too by using photoshop. So ladies, don't get discouraged!

Okay back to the project. When I was shooting it, we (meaning my boyfriend) had to drag a mattress out to our local pond to photograph us in the same lighting as the pond. Of course there were hard-core fishermen out on the tiny little man-made pond at 6:00am haha. So it was pretty embarrassing laying out on a mattress taking pictures of ourselves. Oh and yes. My boyfriend did get up at 5:30 on a weekday to drag his mattress out to a pond for his girlfriend's photo project...precious, right? I am a lucky girl.

The top image is the final result and the bottom one is a visual how I started the base of the top photo.

I had to select us then place us on the pond... and then I had to do lots of editing, masking, liquifying, sharpening, erasing, and all of that jazz. Also, the picture of us in the top image (you would never guess) is a combination of four different images of us (different face on Brennan, different legs on me, ect.)

So here they are!

Here you can get a better sense of how I did it. Funny right? 


  1. I love this photo! Wow! I can't believe this is so many different images in one, very talented. And I love how you have your boyfriend in your shoots, seems like you picked a winner ;) Keep up the hard work :)

  2. oh my gosh coolest picture. you're so creative to come up with that!!

    (and very encouraging little digression! hahaha)


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