Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Being home is so refreshing and wonderful. I am such a home body. I love hanging out with my mom, dad, and sisters. I love lounging around in the grass with our dogs and kitties, baking cookies, taking naps, walking the pig :), going for horse back rides, eating yummy food, watching disney movies, and looking through our old scrapbooks. All of the activities that I can't do when I am in California. As I reminisce on my life I realize that I am so very blessed. Not many people have the luxury of growing up on a ranch allowing your imaginations to no limits. I have wonderful parents and two sisters who are my best friends. I remember one of our favorite things to do when we were young was to play like we were Indian princesses and make our "house" down along the creek bed with tall grasses and rocks. Those were the days. Now we are all off at school chasing other dreams. We rarely go home now... and we will never live at home again. It makes me sad, but I know all of those sweet memories I will hold close to my heart. And someday I get to have little girls to love and make sweet memories with :)

Here are a few old photos my mom took of us... (Isn't she a great photographer?!)
She was always taking photos of us. We seriously had a photo shoot every day. Okay maybe not that often... but it was a lot! We got pretty good at it ;)

This is me. 
This one too :). 

Here is all three of us on our old mule. 
Here is little Allie. 

sweet little sister, Kacky (Katherine) 

Look at that little peanut!! 

Allie and I... still best friends :)

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