Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cocoa and Coconut

Cocoa and Coconut. While these truffles have both of those ingredients, we have another cocoa in this photograph That is little miss Coco, our dog, in the background. She was eying those truffles the whole time I was taking photos! So I had to capture it. Plus she even matches the cookie! These truffles are made with cocoa, almond butter, butter,  coconut oil, coconut milk, stevia, pecans, and a bit of honey. Then they then rolled into balls with the combined ingredients. I then froze them, then once they were frozen I rolled them in a bed of fresh coconut and topped it off with a pecan. They have a very coconut/bittersweet dense chocolate taste to them. Plus, this dessert is one that is not bad for you at all! Especially by using Stevia. So on those days you simply cannot live without chocolate, make these. They will satisfy your craving, plus you won't feel guilty for eating something unhealthy. These coconut truffles are winners.

Calling all coconut lovers! If you want to try something fun, try cracking a coconut. I have never cracked one or even tasted coconut this fresh before. My sister Katherine and I endeavored trying the crack it with an ice pick, a knife, and another knife before we called for dad to help. He then took us to the back yard to the shed and pulled out his wood ax. That is the way to go. He took one swift swing and boom. Got it on the first hit. So when trying to crack a coconut, you need your fathers wood ax :). Katherine and I came to the conclusion that if we were stranded on a deserted island, we would not survive because we were not able to crack a stinken coconut. All in all, we did drain the juice and that was delicious. Also, trying the coconut meat was delicious too, but trying to get the coconut meat out of the shell was a joke! So hard. I tell you, coconuts are mini Fort Knoxes.

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