Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hangin' with the Hounds

Here is another one of the blue tick hound puppies. This one is the little baby runt. She is the most ornery, feisty one of them all. Every one of her brothers and sisters are scared of her. She is a terror... a cute terror though.  
This is my dog Spunky, but she goes by Butter. My family has several names for her. She will also come to Butch. She is a beagle, I got her when I was seven years old...she is now 12. She is the sweetest most precious dog in the whole wide world. Butter does lots of tricks, she is very smart...Except sometimes she mixes all of her tricks into one. When she sees food, and we tell her to sit, she will sit, then shake, then play dead, then roll over...Maybe she just tries to please us to get her treat faster. Her one downfall: she loves to eat. Some dogs eat to live, Butter simply lives to eat. 

This is my dad; his name is Mark. Mark is a cattle rancher. We raise Black Angus...delicious. Anyways, in this photo he has one of our little blue tick hound puppies. One of the dogs on the ranch named Missy had puppies, 8 puppies to be exact. My dad is so funny with puppies...while all of the hound puppies were running around in our lawn, he starts predicting which one would be the best hunting dogs. He went on and on, "Now this one will be a nice hound pup, see how he wags his tail?" "Oh this one has some nice feet..." haha he makes me laugh. He is always so serious with his predictions. I just don't understand how you could pick out a "good hound pup" when they are a month old walloping around in the yard...but who knows my dad is probably right, like he always his. 

Here is one sweet little puppy. Getting them to stand still was a joke. So to get a that is actually decent, you must be patient. Something that I am not very good at! But finally... one looks right into the lense! Yay! 


  1. love these pictures. It's so fun looking at your life through your pictures.

    Brooklin's G'ma, Sandi

  2. emily you are truly talented.You are such an inspiration and I am so blessed by your life. You have a gift my precious friend.


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