Friday, July 29, 2011

Meet The Family

Dad: Mark, Mom: Anne, Type A sister: Alexandra, Middle Child: Me, The Baby: Katherine

This is my dad; his name is Mark. He looks kinda mean in this photo, but he really isn't. Mark was just workin' it for the camera ;). Okay, I am not sure my dad would want me to share this, but he doesn't know how to use a computer, so I think I am safe. Anyways, my dad, used to be a big time model. He was the Marlboro Man for a long time; he would do commercials and be on big billboards representing them. He also used to be an underwear model haha. So when I say he is "workin' it for the camera"... he really knows how to "work it for the camera." Now days, he is far from his modeling career. He is the real deal authentic cowboy. This is what he looks like and dresses like on a daily basis. No cowboy costume included :). 

Here is my indian princess mom. Doesn't she look like an indian princess? I think so. She is a photographer and she is the one that got me interested in photography in the first place. My mom hates being in front of the camera... she is always behind it. It is okay though, because she takes amazing photos behind that camera!  My mom has photos everywhere in our house. We have one house, the rock house, which is so small. It was built by my great-great grandfather in the 1900's...and it is still standing. Since the rock house was so small, my family decided to make another mini house for us three girls. It is called the Pink House. Other than my mom being a wonderful photographer, she is an excellent decorator. The pink house is all black, white, and hot pink. Right when you walk into the pink house, there is a giant photo wall. She had huge custom-made frames made of shabby chic white wood. The whole wall is covered by these frames with all of her wonderful photographs in them. It's beautiful! 

This is my little sister Katherine. She has all of her own photographs in a separate section in my blog entitled, "My Little Sister Katherine"... I know, isn't the title so creative! It is so funny what stereotypes you hear about kids. How the oldest is the very tight, organized, and focused, the middle child beats to their own drum, and the youngest is the one who gets taken care of...who is more relaxed, and kind of go-with-the-flow attitude. This is so my family! Katherine is very relaxed- likes to be home, doesn't like school, loves to play with her friends,  and loves her animals. That is a summary of Katherine. 

My sweet mom and dad together. 

Here is the Rancher. Here is the daughter :).

This is my older sister, Alexandra. She is only a year older than me, so we are very close. She loves having her picture taken.  I am sure I will dedicate a whole other blog to her photos soon. Allie is very focused and determined. She follows the Type A type for sure :). She knows what she wants, and works hard to get it. 

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