Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Have Something to Admit...

Hi Wednesday night readers. So if you are new to my blog, welcome. If you have visited the Rancher's Daughter before, you'll see that I have done some remodeling/additions. I sadly do not have many followers. I kept asking myself, "why?" Welp, I just noticed that I did not have the "join my site" button up for the whole history of my blog. Yep. Pretty embarrassing. I can figure out all the html's and code everything but I couldn't just simply click the button to "join the site."

So I'm hoping that the addition to that button will help my followers go from 10 (one including myself) (haha yes, I'm that pathetic right now) to 100. From 100 to 1000. From 1000 to 10000. Catch my drift? Okay so you get the bloggers, please join my site if you like my blog. It would be much appreciated! Thank you sweeties!

Also be sure to check out my pinterest, facebook page, and tumblr.

Okay back to business. I have a new outfit post for you here. So here you go.

Shirt: Anthropologie Denim Chambray // Jeans: My old-faithful Taverniti's. Style no longer sold // Boots: Nordstrom Rack  //  Heart Ring: Newman Gallery  //  Various Others: Long Beach Flea Market, Forever 21  //  Bracelet: Anthropologie Sparkled Silk Wrap Bracelet


  1. ok so you are gorgeous my dear! new follower. love the outfit.

    1. Aw Kristal! Thank you for your comment. Made my day! Thank you for following :) Have a good night!


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