Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Family Photos

Hi Lovlies! I'm so excited to share some of our amazing family photos we took over Thanksgiving break. They are taken by the amazing, Lauren Ristow. She does beautiful work! Check out more of her work on her website. It was so fun to do this! We never usually take family photos because (a) either me or my mom are photographing it, (b) someone feels fat, or (c) we are not all together at home! I was so thankful that we took these though because currently our family photo that we have hanging in the house is when I was 9. I was a total tomboy and I had a bull cut. Yep...pretty bad. Brennan always jokes about it and says, "Honey! When we were younger we could have passed as twins!" Ya. Thanks a lot Brennan. haha. 

The pictures are taken on the ranch and the horses- also family- are named Moon and Monkey. And the adorable puppy, you've already met (more on her in this post) is named Scoopy Lou and/or Mila and/or Cookie Crumb. My older sister, Allie, is the one with the dark dark hair and looks like a split between Kim Kardashian and Cleopatra. Katherine is my little peanut of a sister. She is so naturally beautiful and is so so sweet! My mom, could be mistaken as another sister. She is my best friend. And my handsome dad used to be the Marlboro Man... can't you tell! Look at that scruff! Oh and I'm the blonde one :). 

I'm so super busy this week but I'll try to be on top of the posts this week for you all :). Do you have any requests? Hair tutorial? Fashion post?...you name it! Have a great week and be sure to drink lots hot cocoa and wear comfy scarves...it's getting cold outside! Yay! Love the Christmas season :). 


  1. These photos are simply amazing! Yes, your mom could pass as one of your sisters. She makes the rest of us Dimple Dozen girls look old! Now, regarding suggestions, I have one. My daughter bought some sequined shorts, gold and ivory and cannot figure out how to wear them. She is in 9th grade and cannot wear them to school. I suggested black tights and she said yuck. She reads your blog and will listen to you!Thanks love!

    1. Aw you are so sweet :)! Thank you for your comment!

      Hmmm how long are they?? Black tights would be cute I think! Or knee highs. I don't have any sequined shorts, but I'll do a post on a pair of shorts that I think are similar as soon as I can. Just to give your daughter an idea of how I'd style it with :). So glad she reads my blog!


  2. Love the jeweled headband/wrap and all the tulle=fantastical!



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