Friday, November 16, 2012

Free Curve Friday #3

It's Fridayyy! Yeee! I'm so excited because tomorrow I'm able to go home to the ranch for Thanksgiving. I can't wait, I haven't seen my family since I've been at school. Hope you like the free curve for today. I've been editing lots of photos! Shoots to come to blog soon. 

fashion, boho, photography tips, free curve friday,

fashion, boho, photography tips, free curve friday,

All you have to do is...

Click here and download your free "Windy City" photoshop curve. "Windy City" is great for outdoor warm photos. Ups the contrast, brightens the blue tones, and adds clarity.

If you need instructions on installing your free curve click here


  1. Hello you are beautiful,
    Thank for your comment, I folow you.

  2. Really lovely editing on your pretty photos! They look amazing!


  3. ooh thanks for the tip! the shot looks great

    love from San Francisco,

  4. I love what you did to improve the photos!
    Thanks for the link to Windy city, will come in handy!

    >> <<


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