Thursday, March 6, 2014

Arizona Winter Wear

March is here! Time is just flying by isn't it? Thought it'd be a great time to bust out this amazing tunic by Odd Molly. It's perfect for this 'perfect' winter we are having...sorry east coasters. This is about all I need for a cool day out...lace pants, three quarter length sleeves, floppy hat, and my Free People Lace Ups (I live in these shoes...a must have. Promise). Anyways, back to the tunic. It's an Odd Molly. If you don't know about the company, Odd Molly, visit my, Meet Odd Molly post I wrote on them a little bit ago to find out more! This tunic is called, My Generation Dress. Wear it with these amazing black bells by Nightcap Clothing, or wear it with skinny's, tights and boots, or as a dress in summer with flip flops!

A helpful tip for all: Don't worry too much about matching! I promise, you'll feel weird sometimes, but wear what you like, don't be afraid to mix patterns of course, but also textures. It was so funny, a little bit ago I went to go visit Brennan in Cali,  I came down ready for church (late of course), and I was wearing an adorable Anthropologie floral printed coral maxi skirt with a black, blue, and white plaid button down shirt. I could tell immediately the moment he saw me come down, he was confused by my look or thought I looked silly or something. He smiled his 'fake-trying-to-be-nice-smile' and said, "oh babe you look so beautiful.". haha it was cute.... but long story short he didn't think I matched. So I guess this doesn't help my argument, but hey, what do boys know about fashion anyways? ;). So just trust me and don't be afraid to step out of the box and create your own unique style and vision....even if you (or your cute fiance) don't think it goes together, because honestly, that is the perfection in it!

Complete Outfit Details. Go ahead. Click the link. Treat yourself to something nice.

My Generation Dress  //  Spanish Lace Fan Pant  //  Leather Trimmed Rancher Anthropologie Hat  //  Free People Lace Up Heel  //



  1. I know exactly what you mean about mixing feeling weird sometimes but I love it too! I think it gives me an added sense of confidence pulling off something daring. Love this look.

    Like it Haute

  2. This is such a gorgeous outfit. That hat is perfection!

  3. I reall like everything you do !

  4. It's a great look! Love the pants ... the tunic is perfect.

    1. Thank you so much! Hope you're having a nice week :)

  5. Ahhhhhh, those pants! Next time you clean out your closet, I call dibs! Now that I'm not working in a school, I get to be a hippie again and I am loving converting my wardrobe back into a bohemian melting pot of lace and flowy-ness! You are the perfect inspiration!
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  6. I really like your blog. I like wearing dresses in the winter too.

  7. I just wanted to thank you for always posting the cutest outfits that are also affordable!!! I am on a tight budget but still love to shop and try to look cute. I so appreciate all the ideas that work within a budget. Thank you!!


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