Friday, August 10, 2012


I've been waiting so long to show you all these!! These photos are from my trip to Washington. My best friend, Melissa, lives on this huge farm near Colfax, Washington. Ahhh! It was the most amazing place ever! It was beautiful! I am such a country girl. I think I like it here better than New York City. The rolling hills of wheat and corn below the electric blue sky is like nothing I've ever seen. On the ranch where I live we have mountains. And trees. And lots of brush and rocks. Completely different than here. Even with all of the differences, the lifestyles between farming and ranching aren't too much different. Both lifestyles require hard work from dusk to dawn. I had so much fun learning about the machinery, the different types of wheat, the history, and the daily routine of life on a wheat farm. 

One of Melissa's jobs is to drive the bankout. The bankout she drives is named Barney. Yes. Barney the Bankout is a very important machine on the farm. The bankout unloads the wheat from the combines and transports the wheat out of the field to a waiting loading truck and trailer. It can maneuver throughout steel hills where the loading trucks cannot. 

And here we are in the loading trailer full of wheat. We had fun...just a little. Okay no. A LOTTLE!!! This was awesome!!! It was like playing in a huge pool size barrel of uncooked beans or something. I had always pictured wheat to be poky and flaky, but oh no. This wheat was like little corn kernels! SO fun!

What a beauty!! 

While we were waiting for another load we decided to make friendship bracelets :). We also had cherry pit spitting contests. The best. 

Melissa's sweet Grandpa. He is so kind. He taught me so much when I was there. 

Melissa's awesome Dad. I miss them all so much!

And that's what it looks like folks!! A day in the life of a wheat farmer! Thank you again to all of the Aeschliman's for the best summer trip ever. Miss you all!! Stay tuned for more great Washington posts.

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