Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Biola Athletes

This shoot I did represented those amazing athletes that can do it all. The following athletes are All-American Athletes as well as Scholars. Not only do they compete in Track and Field, they also keep those grades up. To have both of these honors awarded to you at Biola University, you must be a junior or senior. They are such an inspiration for any young athlete. Last year when I ran track, it was so encouraging to see such wonderful upperclassmen with such motivation and talent. I wanted to document their successes :)

Jonathan. Sprinter and Bible Major.
Sweet Sarah. Runs cross-country and track; distance. Education major. 
Gabe. Sprinter and business major. 

Jamison. Sprinter and Bio Major. 

Kelsey, Erica, and Katie. All run cross-country and track. Distance Runners. 

Jared, Jamison, and Jonathan. Track Athletes. 

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