Thursday, August 25, 2011

College: Round 2

Sorry readers for the inconsistency of my posts. Guess what I have been doing? Moving to college again! Yay! It is exciting. Today is my second day of classes at Biola. I have my first photo class of the year today, so I am very anxious for that one. Here it has been a consistent 80 to 85 degrees. Perfect beach weather. My dorm room is coming along wonderfully, I have enough pictures on the wall to sink a ship... but oh well. Oh, it was the funniest thing...okay so last night around 11, I was in my bed (yes, I know I go to bed early for a college student, well at least I try to) and this girl just welcomes herself inside my room. She just came in without an invitation, I had never seen her before, and she comes and leans on my bed and starts asking me all these random questions. "Who is this?" "Is this your horse?" "Is that your boyfriend?" "Wow, you have lots of pink in your room." "Is that your dog?" yadda yadda yadda. It was so odd. And then while she was leaving, she said again, "Gosh, you have so much stuff." So that was just a wonderful experience for me. So I guess how I could describe my room would be to say that it is pink, packed with pictures, with apparently too much stuff. Even though my odd visitor said I had too much stuff, she may be right. The one thing I hate about dorm rooms is how limited you are with the space. And I have so so many clothes, my little dorm wardrobe is bursting at the seams.

Here is the room :) 

One thing about college that I am learning how to cope with is my inability to cook!! This summer I cooked something almost everyday. Going from creating whatever food I wanted to cook to practically nothing is very sad for me! First of all, I have no money...what college kid does? So getting food to cook with isn't going to happen for me. Not like it did this summer. This summer I asked my family and friends, "Hey what do you want tonight?" And they told me, then they would give me some money and I could get everything I needed. It was wonderful. In my room I have a 1.3 cubic ft. fridge, which can hold about a carton of eggs, some cottage cheese, and some soy milk. Not too many ingredients in there. The only thing I am thinkin I can make are my healthy pancakes. Yes. Healthy Protein Packed Pancakes! Simply delicious. They take 3/4 cup cottage cheese, 1/4 gluten free flour (in my case) and 3 eggs! Bing, bang, boom! Simple as that. Then I eat them with my sugar free syrup with is only 15 calories per serving (1/4 cup). Although, my dorm does not equip me to make too much amazing food...there is a silver lining to my situation. My boyfriend does live in an apartment this year, so if I save up to make a nice meal, I'll cook it there. So it won't be terrible :). 

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