Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sweater Weather

I am not sure if our weather here in Newport Beach really qualifies as sweater weather, but we sure like to think it does :). Especially with all of these amazing and beautiful clothes coming out! So the drop in a couple degrees qualifies me to buy some cute new seasonal clothes (at least I tell myself that hehe). These clothes are from the most adorable boutique, Stitch and Feather. Gorgeous boutique nestled in Seal Beach and recently she opened a second shop in Fullerton. This full outfit is from there. I just love the maxi sweater...the long sweaters are definitely big this season. Just one of them in your closet would "fall or winter up" about everything you already have hanging in your closet. And this one isn't too heavy for us Southern Californians. And don't you love the printed pants! They are Novella Royale, also available at Stitch and Feather. Hope everyone has a fun weekend.



  1. This is such a cozy look. Tje print on the pants Lools so cool ;)

  2. Cozy and beautiful! I'll definitely say that the first time I was in Orange County, I had planned on it being hot. Like actual, lay-on-the-beach-tank-top-flip-flop-sunburn hot… but it was in the 60s, and I (even being from Chicago) was freezing. I'd anticipated (and packed for) one type of weather, but was greeted with another… and I too, ended up in a sweater.
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