Sunday, November 9, 2014

Cheap Fall Decorations

I had a couple of questions about the glittered wheat I made for one of the Anthropologie Display Workshops recently. I decided to make a little tutorial on it. It is such an easy project that turns out super pretty and very seasonal. It would be perfect for table decor for Thanksgiving or Christmas. You can pick any glitter you'd like to customize it for your specific event. I just love gold and thought it went great with the original color of the wheat. 

All you need are scissors, wheat, spray adhesive, and glitter. 

1. Pick out the vases you'd like to use to put them in, or if you'd like to use them as party favors [pictured below]. Cut wheat to desired length.

2. Have one cardboard section your designated spraying area, and another for glittering. Don't mix these two sections, or you'll waste a lot of glitter. 

3. Take one strand of wheat and lightly misty each side. Then quickly move to glittered cardboard area and sprinkle desired amount of glitter onto the wet adhesive spray. 

4. It should dry instantly. Then just lightly tap excess glitter off the wheat. Repeat, repeat, repeat...till you run out of wheat, wheat, wheat! :). 


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  1. Ahh I love this! I've been noticing how stores like Anthro, West Elm, ect are using a lot of natural wheat this season for displays. So cool!


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