Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentines Day 2014!

Valentines Day is coming! My fiance and I love Valentines day. We definitely are "that cheesy" couple that is all into it. But I have a valid reason. He asked me to be his girlfriend on Valentines Day three years ago! It was also the first time he said he loved me! Now everybody say, Awwww ;). This Valentines Day will be extra special  because this is our first Valentines Day that we are engaged!! So happy! I gathered a bit of Valentine Date Night inspiration for all of you. And I just loved that portable record from Urban Outfitters on the bottom...oh my gosh, so cute. And that pink lipstick is my staple...I wear it all the time. So be sure to go below to visit all the links to each product! xo 

Studs  //  Heels  //  Dress  //  Bra  //  Thong  //  Taken Necklace  //  Portable Record  //  NARS Lipstick


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