Saturday, February 22, 2014

Nail Trends Spring 2014

Lets talk nails. Since I have this gorgeous ring on one particular finger now, I've been particularly motivated to have pretty nails :). Top trends this season can be summed into four trends: All things white (embellished, matte, opaque, glittered, shimmer), pastels, blue/purple shades, and metallics. White nail polish is really big right now. I love it because it is always neutral and very classic. What I'm loving too is all the embellishments and patterns I'm seeing with the white. So pretty! Pastels were a huge hit last season for spring and they are again this year. I'm loving the pastel orange and soft pink NARS colors pictured below. Midnight blues and purples are also gorgeous for a bit of drama. I love wearing black nail polish and midnight blue is a great alternative to switch it up every now and then. Metallics have been a huge hit for awhile and are still going strong. I love them because they add a bit of drama and shimmer to the typical matte nail. Get your favorites colors below! Listed from left to right. Click the link to get your fav!



  1. Love these colors, so so fun! I think I might need the orange and disco inferno! Love the blog

    1. You're so sweet! Thank you for visiting :) I love both colors...get them both :) xo

  2. These are super fun! That disco inferno colour probably needs to happen in my life!
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    1. Hi sweet girl! You need that color!! Get it!

      Thanks for always reading and being so encouraging :) Have a good day love! xx


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