Monday, June 17, 2013

Desert Gem

Hi lovlies! So I'm home! Yay! I had my last day at Anthropologie last week (don't worry, I'll be back!). I get more than a month off. I can't tell you how much I needed it. I'm going to enjoy the rejuvenation and my family of course. I can't remember how long its been since I've had a legit break. I just love being home. I think I'd choose being home with my family over about almost anything. The only thing I'm missin' now is my boyfriend! But he is coming up for the rodeo this weekend! So excited. My family and I compete in Cowpunchers Rodeo every year. It is so so fun! My dad team ropes, calf ropes, and does the ribbon roping. My sisters, mom, and I compete in the Ribbon Roping. And this year my dad and I are doing the Wild Cow Milking. Yes. I am going to milk a Wild Cow. For the Wild Cow Milking there is my dad (the roper), Cannon (the mugger), and me (the milker and runner). Here's how it'll go. My dad will rope the cow, Cannon will run and fight to hold her down for me while I milk her and run back to the finish line. Cool, right? Don't worry, I'll post pics :).

On my drive home, I always pass the coolest photo shoot spots and I always want to stop, but never do. So this time I did. This funky little spot is in Salome. And I do not dress up when I drive home, trust me, so I did my makeup and changed at this gas station. It was gross. It was one of those super nasty gas station bathrooms. I tried to hurry! But anyways, I thought that these bright printed Anthropologie pants and tank with my southwestern jewelry would be a perfect match with this total stereotypical Arizona photo shoot spot!

For the first look, I wore this black Left Of Center Tank from Anthropologie and for the second, a tee-shirt that my mom bought for me that she found at the NFR this year (national rodeo finals). Complete outfit details are at the bottom of the post. Or Build your look right below!



Left Of Center Black Tank  //   Indian Tee (SIMILAR HERE)  //  Anthropologie Pants (SIMILAR HERE)

Complete the entire look with my similar picks!

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  1. love the location - your outfit blends in so nicely!

    & i'm digging those bright printed pants. i can't get enough!

    allie at

    1. Allie you are such a doll! Thank you for your sweet encouraging words!

  2. Genial look!!

  3. Love the backdrop! And that necklace is oh so pretty!

    xox, Cheri

  4. Gorgeous!! Loving the print on those pants..

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  5. Ummmm... yes to anything and everything Anthro! I love that your lover is coming for a rodeo! That is something that is so far removed from anything I've experienced in my life (though I do volunteer at a barn... we do hippotherapy and the only rope we use is a lead rope!). I seriously want to collab on a photo shoot with you... and potentially swap closets!

    : signe
    : the daily savant :

    1. Hi sweet girl! Thank you for your response!! You are too cute. It is super sweet of Brennan to come...He is a doll. Oh my gosh! You should come visit me and I'll take you horseback riding!

      I would love love love to do a collab photo shoot with you! Where are you based out of? Let's do it :) xoxo

  6. Such a beautiful place to shoot!! Fellow Arizonan here and I love different and unique places for photos! Love the outfit too!


    1. Aww where do you live in AZ?! How fun. I love that we have that in common :)

  7. Wonderful shooting :)


    Coline ♡

  8. Lovely editorial shots....& those pants are simply amazing!!!!



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