Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Black Overalls


So speaking of overalls, here are a super fun pair from Prism Boutique. I paired them with some fun jewelry, a Chaser Tank, and fun Bandeau. Perfect for these hot summer days. I hope everyone's week is going well! Thank you so much for reading and for all of your support. Encouragement from my readers and hearing from you is what keeps me going :). Feeling a bit discouraged lately! But I'm trying to keep pushing through! Have a wonderful Tuesday night lovelies! Till next time! 

Chaser Tank  //  St. Eve Jewelry Necklace  //  Black Overalls (Available at Prism)  //  Various Rings by Natalie B

All items available at Prism Boutique


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  1. I wouldn't done it better myself

  2. Those are so cute! I love how you put this outfit together.

  3. Love it beautiful!You should show us how you do your hair sometime :)Have a great week!

  4. you are perfection
    such a cute girl
    and that overall look great on you!


    Coline ♡

  5. Yeah, so you look like Gwen Stefani's doppleganger and I'm jealous that I am definitely not able to wear overalls this well!

    : signe
    : the daily savant :


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