Monday, March 18, 2013

Jumper Here Jumper There

Happy Monday friends! Sorry I've been MIA for the past week. I am dreadfully behind on school and last week my family came to see me. We went to Seaworld and hung out at the beach in Carlsbad. If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw some pics from that trip :). It was such a fun week! But...needless to say, I'm behind on life right now. I'm at a place right now in school where I don't care (bad, I know), but I just want to be done so bad! And every assignment seems stupid. Okay. I'm sorry. I'll stop with the attitude. And I'm also behind on my blogging too because I was sick and my work is picking up. So long story short, I'll try to be catch up and do better this week :). 

So starting you out with a fun outfit post today on this new jumpsuit at Anthro! Hate to break it to all you 'jumpsuit haters' out there, but jumpers are in. Come on, just admit it ;). I'm super happy for their return because what's not to love?! They are super comfy, and you have a whole outfit in one piece. Great for when you don't want to plan an outfit. 

P.s. If you like my bun, check out my tutorial on how to do it here

P.s. Another fun thing that happened while I was away for those few days is that I won that Fashion City Contest! Yay! Check out the winning article here :) xo

 Much love my darlings.



  1. Yo look beautiful! I really like your outfit and your lovely bun!

  2. Hello love!

    Beautiful outfit!, love the print! Your purse is the definite stand out piece!

    GREAT post! :)

    xo KCN

    1. Aww thanks :) I really love it! It isn't too expensive either!

  3. oh my spring i am seriously in love with this jumpsuit the mini geometric print the cobalt blue color palate the tie waist you are rocking this look, perfectly paired with those nude steve maddens and that bag brings it all together (not to mention your too-cute bun!!) absolute favorite. and congrats on the win girl, you and your style deserve it the most hope you had a happy monday xo

    1. Megan you are so so sweet! That was the nicest comment. Thank you so much lovely. Hope you're having a good week. xo

  4. You look amazing, love everything about your outfit. xoxo

  5. Following on FB too :)
    OMG i fell in love with your blog !


    Coline ♡


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