Tuesday, January 27, 2015

All Things Emily B.

I have been slightly busy...which explains me NEVER posting. I miss it! Life has been so wonderful. I'm married...It's already been 5 months...can you believe it?! I have a fantastic job working with the sweetest team at Anthropologie. I have a beautiful little apartment that overlooks the bay with palm trees and sunshine. And I have the best family who supports me and encourages me all the time. I'm so thankful and blessed! 

In my spare time, I've been working on little projects. I am very project-oriented and I love creating beautiful things: whether that be through my photography, outfitting, or through something crafty. Lately it has been the latter. Though this blog has been through many changes, it has changed with me. Since I'm now a Mrs. I love finding and creating ways to make my home beautiful...surrounding myself with things that I love and that make me happy. Since we are on a budget and because our apartment is so little, I've resorted myself with making things that can be made easily where ever and placed in any space. And ever since my wedding I've become extremely inspired and fascinated with calligraphy, prompting me to start practicing more and more. Which is what lead me to making my brand new Etsy shop! It is called, All Things Emily B. I've been inspired by color this upcoming spring season, whimsical, and romantic. My work that is featured on my shop comes from that. 

My Etsy shop offers original watercolor prints for $10/piece, chalkboard calligraphy services for any event or simply for your home, ribbon chandeliers, fabric bunting, and fabric stripped tablecloths. Everything is made-to-order, so whatever quote or color inspires you, I will make it for you. While I am just starting out, I am interested in any project or collaboration. I am also willing to offer logo design and custom guest books. And the bunting, chandeliers, and tablecloths will be made to your specifications dependent on your needs. I want you to be happy! Any pricing and inquires that you may have, please just email me at emily.goswick@yahoo.com

I hope you enjoy browsing...all the photos are up on the Etsy shop. The beginning photos are photos from my wedding, my most amazing day ever, taken by Lauren Ristow. All of the work that my family and I put into that day made it all the more wonderful. Calligraphy & watercolor prints are done by me.



  1. How pretty! This looks awesome lady :) amazing job!! xo haley

    1. Thank you Haley! :) Hope you're doing good and loving married life :) xo

  2. It's nice to see that you've got your stuff put out at a fairly reasonable price. You've even got the visuals that characterize your wares in order to attract buyers, which is really brilliant. That is indeed goodness all around, with all the proper online platforms, such as Etsy, to accompany your business. Thanks for sharing that! More power to you!

    Byron Washington @ Smart Business Choices

    1. What encouragement! Thank you so much for that insight and feedback. I hope it all works out :) have a good day bryon!

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