Thursday, December 4, 2014

Creative Workstations

I firmly believe that each and every one of us girls needs a space. A space designated just for creating, thinking, and working. My new apartment is not too large, but I nestled my little space in the far corner of the room…and Brennan has his on the other side of the room. He calls it his man cave…  and I do not know why because all he does is study there…poor little graduate student. 

In my space, I wanted a place where I could pin up all my most recent fun memories, inspirations, and encouraging words. Can’t have a workspace without a desk, right? Well, my most recent find—the desk itself, I found from the cutest vintage shop while cruising down Pacific Coast Highway one day. I bought this great white-framed corkboard from Hobby Lobby. Some of my favorite things that are pinned up is my new Think Happy, Be Happy book, my beautiful water colored calligraphy print, my instagram prints from Sticky 9, my Anthropologie gold monogrammed mug, and my BHLD cakeplate. I am a big collector (which is pretty much code for hoarder); I love searching and finding treasures. A lot of the little nic nacs that are on my desk are things I’ve found over the past few years. 

My advice for you for creating your own space is a little self-reflective. Think about what makes you happy, what makes you focused or inspired? Write a few things down and go from there. If clean lines and check lists opt for cute daily calendars, folders, and filing contraptions :). If you’re a little treasure collector like me, you may like using wall art, using super cool vintage plates for holding things, and gold anything. Below is a bit of inspiration for you. Photos below are linked if you're interested in purchasing any products from the post. 



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