Monday, July 14, 2014

40 More Days!

These are the last of them...I promise :). Ending the engagement photo sharing with a bang. These may be my favs :). At this point in the shoot, Brennan was dying of starvation (says him) and getting a little loopy. He was such a good sport though! Every man deserves a big ol' cheeseburger after a four hour photo shoot. 

Thank you again to Lauren Ristow, our dear friend and amazing photographer! We are so excited for her to shoot our wedding in....drum roll please....40 days!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm getting married in 40 days!!!!!!! oh my goodness, guys, it's seriously all I think about :). Most nights I have nightmares, where my dress doesn't fit, or where the chairs don't come in and everyone has to sit on the floor, or the food trucks don't come and people have to eat crackers for their's quite traumatizing. I guess that's what you get when that is what is on your mind 24/7. Planning is so fun!...But here's some advice to all you single ladies still yet to plan a planners are expensive for a reason. And also wedding planning is a profession for a reason. There is seriously so so much work that goes into this day! I recommend you get one to keep your pleasant dreams and your sanity in tact. 

Oh. And I promise Brennan and I are not actually attached at the lips hehe. I just looked through all these photos and with almost all of them we are kissing :). I guess that's what a gal has to do when blessed with this hot of a fiance. Just doing my job guys. :) 

Happy Monday my lovelies!



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