Thursday, January 23, 2014

What's In My Bag

Wanna know what I'm packin'? Today I'm sharing my faves. These are the items I take with me everywhere...

First things first. The bag: Cleobella

From left to right. 1. Cath Kidston Hand Cream... you want happy hands.  //  2. Orange Notepad. You never know when an idea will strike.  //  3. Totally unreasonable (but adorable) wooden pencils  //  4.  My Fav Shades- Abbey Road Free People Sunnies  //  5. Hair Tyes. I wish they actually were in my purse when I needed one.  //  6. Instax Mini Polaroid Camera. Gift from my fiance. Ooo I love saying fiance :).  //  7.  Dark Chocolate. Never know when the urge will strike.  //  8. Loreal Infalliable EyeShadow for under my brow and in corners of eye.  //  9. Favorite Lip Sticks/Lip Gloss/Lip Balm/I'm obsessed with anything lip. Gotta get some BabyLips.  //  Erase Paste. This is self explanatory. But seriously. Best spot corrector/brightener.  //  10. Little Green Tin. I carry this because I end up with studs, rings, earrings, change, ect floating around in my purse and with this they no longer are floaters. They have a home.  



  1. You keep a lot of great essentials in your bag! Thanks for the sneak peek!

  2. Love a well organized bag! I wanted those wooden pencils so bad but resisted, and erase paste is totally the BEST concealer ever invented. xx

    Like it Haute

  3. Ok… you have the cutest stuff in your bag! My bag is such a mess! Everything is covered in polka dots, but different sorts of polka dots, so nothing matches and it's just one big giant clash-fest!
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  4. I think I might have to buy these sunnies, I'm kinda in love!
    xo Andrea Boho Bunnie


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