Monday, September 19, 2011

Fashion District

Here are some old buildings down an alleyway off the main streets. Probably shouldn't have gone lurking around in the alley ways...but hey, I survived. 
This weekend, my Gammy and my aunt Margie took me to the fashion district in LA. Wow. My first reaction was that I felt as if I were in Mexico. Everywhere you looked there would be a street vendor, shops, salesmen, food trucks, and people, people people everywhere!!! Since I was with my Gammy and great Aunt, I didn't explore to my full hearts content, although, I did slip away for a little bit trying to find killer deals and interesting people. You seriously could spend a whole week here going through the shops and all along the streets. That would be an experience: A week in the Fashion District. I just learned that there is not only the fashion district down there, that is only a part of this metropolis of stuff! Supposedly there is a jewelry district, fabric district, you name it, everything you could ever think of is probably down here. I got a great pair of boots...ones that mimic the type you could get at Urban Outfitters. They are brownish and lace up to right under the knee. And the best part is that they were only forty bucks! Oooo! And if anyone is a MAC makeup fan (I know I am), you can get their makeup here for a lot cheaper than buying it in the actual store.

"The Bubble Lady" I asked to take her picture, and she was a bit perturbed. She did not look at the camera, but I think she thought that I was done, and looked at me. I got this just in that last moment :). Love her expression. Its funny because I associate bubbles with happiness...and the bubble lady does not look too happy right now. 

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